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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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and flooding calming this afternoon... but there's plenty of damage a day of fierce winds, downpours and flooding, call. ing this afternoon but plenty of damage left behind from backyards collapsing under the
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pounding rain to flooded streets wreaking havoc on businesses. the race to clean up the mess begins now. good afternoon, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we have live team coverage this noon starting with anne makovec live at capitola where clean-up efforts are under way after floodwaters rushed through the downtown area leaving quite the miss. anne? >> reporter: thousands of gallons of water late yesterday afternoon. i'm in a scene that's repeated in 12 blocks of downtown capitola. this car is about to pull into my shot, unfortunately. a pile of rugs. almost everybody's floor 2348 area is destroyed by water. the clean-up truck is pumping out water from another business and down here on the ground another huge puddle as more rain starts to fall. take a look at this home video from yesterday.
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>> oh, my gosh! the street, your car! >> reporter: a wall of water rushing through capitola avenue straight through the downtown area as they start uphill at a mobile home park late yesterday afternoon floods dozens of homes and businesses, in some spots waist deep. >> basically what happened here yesterday was we had a tsunami in reverse. the water landed in the hills and came down the gullches down to the sea. >> this is where it came from. now, a giant hole created from an underground creek which overwhelms the pipes that once contained it. >> so when it burst underground it started to erode all the soil and then the asphalt caved in and then from there, it just caused a big blockage. >> reporter: this home is one of at least two that will have to be torn down. it belongs to vanessa gravan. >> we had a lot of good times. that's about it. >> reporter: after the newly formed muddy river flooded the
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mobile home park, it poured down capitola avenue into the city's downtown where clean-up continued this morning. this is the inside of the police station which has about a foot and a half of standing water last night. the fire station was also flooded. >> a good argument for us to look for higher ground for some of our safety services in the future. >> reporter: right now, the damage is estimated to be in the millions. it's still being assessed. utilities are out in most of the homes in the park, most of them either yellow or red- tagged. >> waiting to see when we can get back and get our stuff out. we'll have to see what the city decides to do. >> reporter: now, the city of capitola owns both the pipeline that burst as well as the property there on the mobile home park. i asked a city spokesman what about liability. he said the city hasn't even begun to think about that. they are sticking to clean-up and recovery mode. let's go live to elizabeth wenger in san pablo in the
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storm watch there. elizabeth? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon, anne. check out what's left of these home owners' backyard. we have a retaining wall that's almost completely collapsed. a ground that's sunk about 6 feet. and now these home owners are worried that their house is going to go down next, too. >> the backyard is gone and i was like okay, honey, seriously? >> reporter: this is no joke. now they are evacuating their house in san pablo. after this week's heavy rain, the hillside is giving way as well as the backyard. >> the hill is going down. the question is of when it will be in the neighbors's backyard. >> reporter: the house next door lost its retaining wall. trina scott grew up here, never one problem until now. >> it's unbelievable. i live in atlanta right now. and i came here for my mother's birthday so it's a sort of welcome home present for myself, i guess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: neighbors say when they first alerted the city,
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they were told it was private property. >> right now, the damage is done but i don't know who is going to fix it. >> reporter: but minutes after our interview, the mayor of san pablo paul morris came to see the damage firsthand and had encouraging news. >> we'll do what we can with merchant services available, we'll have a meeting with city staff and the home owners to see if we can make it safer than it is now. >> reporter: the walkers aren't taking any chances. they are moving out. >> i can't stay here and save the house. at this point, i'm just saving our lives. >> reporter: the mayor told us at this point it's still not clear whether these homes can be salvaged but he doesn't think there is any immediate danger. as far as the insurance goes, the home owners were told this would be covered under flood insurance which they don't have. they live on a hillside. so insurance not likely either. in fact, they were told it would be an act of god to get
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insurance coverage for this damage. back to you, frank and sydnie. >> a lot of red tape there to be sure. elizabeth wenger live at san pablo. >> can you imagine getting a call like that, your yard is gone? >> how do you leave your own home? that's tough. a serious situation developing in lake county now. >> heavy rains pushed clear lake to flood stage this morning with low level flooding already in several communities there but the situation could get worse as the next storm approaches tonight. juliette goodrich is live in the town of clearlake with how people are preparing for the worst. hi, juliette. >> reporter: hi, frank and syd. welcome to clear lake. look at this the lake is actually inching onnot road. look at how close it's coming to these homes. there's been a break in the rain but these people are really nervous that this lake is going to flood. >> oh, my gosh! the street! your car! nicole!
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big logs... >> reporter: okay. i think we're going to get to our story in just a minute but i want to show you what these home owners are contending with. take a look at this. the actual lake is to the right of me. and you can see, it's just inching over here on the road. and so a lot of these people have gotten their sandbags. i want to just introduce you to barbara, and she will tell you what she is going through right now. so this was your desk? >> yes. yes, it was. this flood is bad. the deck is coming away from the house as you see. we're afraid it might just float on out. the dock here is and might go over. so it's really bad i can't get in the front. >> reporter: barbara is just hoping the water doesn't flood her home now. this is how the family gets to their front door, walking along 150 sandbags that they put up in the last couple of days. another day of heavy rain
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pushed clear lake to flood stage, the first time in 13 years. >> numerous homes out on lake shore drive in the city of clearlake that are flooding. a lot of the home owners are going for sand at the lumber storesty area. the city is giving sand to local residents. >> reporter: have you gotten sandbags? >> not yet, thinking about getting concrete blocks to get a path, walkway. >> reporter: today? >> yes. >> reporter: the worst you've seen? >> five years, the worst i have ever seen it. >> reporter: just to give you an example how high the lake is, it's coming onto the parking lot. typically you have to walk down the ramp especially in the summer months just to get to the lake. take a look at this. you actually have to walk through the water to get on the ramp now. and it's not just clear lake that's impacted. lakeport is also affected by the high water with flooding on the roadways and throughout the county. >> this is as high as i have seen it right here. we launch our boat here in the summer and you have to walk down the ramp to get on the boat. >> reporter: a little break in the weather today is giving
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everyone here a glimmer of hope. this double rainbow in clearlake today a sign of beauty despite the fear of flooding, with more rain to come. and in just the last 30 seconds, it's started pouring and hasn't rained all morning long so this is certainly not what residents want to see especially with this lake nearing flood stage. flood stage on the ramsey scale is 9 feet and we're inching close to that. >> wow. okay, juliette, thanks very much. a crisis situation up there in clearlake. here's some more bad news. these scattered showers out there now but storm number 2 is barreling in tonight. >> let's talk to lawrence in the weather center. what can we expect? it doesn't look too bad on doppler right now? >> no, we are kind of in between systems right now. sorry we' seeing scattered showers now. you -- so we're seeing scattered showers now. you count the cells, there are some good downpours now. san jose missing it but palo alto getting hit.
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near milpitas scattered showers. some pretty heavy rainfall at least for a few minutes and then it passes on by. to the east bay we have more widely scattered showers toward danville a little cell there, union city seeing lighter showers and as we push further to the north, yup, we are seeing more scattered showers there, a little more serious as you make your way into the napa valley but yes, there is a stronger storm coming and that is coming tonight. we'll have more details on that in just a couple of minutes, guys. back to you. >> all right, lawrence. thanks much. the ace commuter trains are out of service today because of mud and debris on the tracks. >> yeah. this is in the niles canyon area near fremont. an ace spokesman says that the tracks were cleared overnight, but the video from chopper 5 today indicates otherwise. ace usually runs about three trains in each direction between stockton and san jose but today, no ace trains are operating. the system, though, is expected to be running normally again on monday. but again, we have more rain in the forecast. >> it is a mess. a blast from barry bonds' past. the key witness taking the stand next and the new evidence
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the slugger was doping. plus, concerned about installing a smartmeter at your home? a new plan to let you opt out but there is a cash. attention, shoppers. why the price of just about everything is about to go up in several bay area cities. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tsunami hit japan... dangerous new developments today. japanese o two weeks after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit japan, dangerous new developments today. japanese officials say that there may be a breach in the containment vessel of that number three reactor at the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant and that contaminated water likely seeped from the reactor's core exposing three plant workers to 10,000 times the amount of radiation normal for that area. >> this creates the possibility of a much larger release of radiation into the environment
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than we have seen to date. >> japan's government is offering transportation and other assistance for those living between 20 and 30 kilometers from the plant. this comes as the death toll passes 10,000. more than 17,000 people are still missing. barry bonds' perjury trial resumes on monday with his ex- mistress expected to take the stand. a chemist for the u.s. anti- doping agency told jurors yesterday that bonds has exited head and foot swelling -- exhibited head and foot swelling, consistent with using human growth hormone. bonds is accused of lying to the feds about knowingly taking steroids. in other bay area headlines, pg&e has proposed a plan to let customers opt out of using those smartmeters. the utility would turn off the radio that transmits usage. in exchange customers would pay $270 up front and then $14 a month. some say the radiowaves from the meters make them sick or that the meters are inaccurate.
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critics are angry that pg&e wants to charge customers to stop the smartmeter. okay, shoppers, get ready. a week from today, sales tax rates are going up in a number of bay area cities. the highest new sales taxes will be in union city and el cerrito. 10.25%. that's a jump of half a percentage point. san leandro sales tax rate will hit 10% but elsewhere, the new rate will be 9.75 in concord and 9.5% in novato and santa rosa. all these increases approved by voters last november. >> and to think i moved from a state with no income tax and no sales tax whatsoever. >> welcome to california. >> but they nail you on property tax, let me tell you. what would you do with $312 million? a lot, probably. the megajackpot that could be yours tonight for only a buck. hello, i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. coming up we'll do a great tip on mint and strawberries. we have another storm
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coming our way. just when will we see it end? i think we have an answer for that, too, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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sent us this clip of an aqueduct in walnut creek. you can hear the roar of the rushing water. you'd expect these conditions in a high sierra check out this video. an aqueduct in walnut creek, you can hear the roar of the rushing water. you might expect these conditions in a high sierra river than a municipal waterway
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in an east bay suburb, but there you go. >> yeah. that's going to continue for quite some time. but everybody is worried about more problems around the bay area. flooding and landslides. what do we have in store? >> that's the problem. we have had above normal rainfall for the season and we have these storms coming one right after another and we have another one coming our way. so flooding again could be a possibility. outside right now we have a lot of clouds out there, scattered showers, some heavy downpours showing up around the bay area today. let's take a look at our high- def doppler radar see how things are working out now. scattered showers continuing outside but not like yesterday. we had that whole wall of rain moving onshore with that cold front. but now you have the pockets of rain and some of them you can see some brief heavy downpours. but they usually move off in 10 minutes or so. scattered showers in danville. heavier cells north toward the napa valley and petaluma and more rain further north but
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it's widely scattered. high surf at the coastline the low churning up big time swells. 15 to 21 feet at the beaches. now tonight, showers likely to continue. and then rain beginning to move in with that next cold front could be heavy at times. it's not going to take much but the potential for more flooding in the bay area, not with the major rivers but we definitely could see some quick rides in your local streams and creeks. the clouds are gathering again and it looks like they will be pouring in through their skies and overnight tonight that rain is common place. tomorrow morning more widely scattered rain all around the bay area. scattered showers continuing into the afternoon. and through the evening hours as we are going to see a few more cells move on by and then here comes that cold front about midnight dropping into the bay area and there you go, tomorrow morning 6 a.m., that front lingers across the entire bay area. so with that in mind, heading around the bay area, it's going to be treacherous. heading to the high country, watch out. winter storm warnings up there continuing until tomorrow and a lot of snow, a whole lot of snow if you can wait a few days, i think it will be great to get up to the high country.
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50s and 60s high in the south bay east bay temperature mainly in the 50s and the north bay looking to the temperatures generally in the 50s with scattered showers throughout the day. next couple days, we are going to keep that rain in the forecast. watch for the possibility of flooding on saturday. just showers on sunday. drying out and i think as we head toward the middle of next week, how about some 70s? wouldn't that be nice to see a little spring here in the bay area toward the middle of next week? that's it. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. >> we like the sunshine. we have a special guests with us today. tony tantillo decided enough of new york, i'm going to come to see you guys. >> good to see you! >> what do you have for us? >> i know. you're usually out that way. >> bybicoastal. the rain has affected and cold weather has affected the produce but the prices are coming down and i brought some items. the price on strawberries are fantastic and look at the quality.
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>> look how beautiful they are. >> and when do you buy them, make sure they're nice and red like this all the way around. check the container make sure there is no water, if there is any juice that means there are strawberries in there that's not that good so you don't want to buy it and when you bring them home, open them up and put them in the refrigerator, let them breathe. >> let them breathe. >> don't wash them? i do that cut them up, take the stems out and leave them in there. >> if you wash them before you put them in the refrigerator, they start to decay. watch them before you enjoy them. >> all right. >> the plums are coming in from chile. they are still coming into the market. it's late in the season over there late variety plums. they are coming in with such great quality and size right now. when you buy them, the black ones, red ones, the darker the color the better they will be, skin tight all the way around. also important. >> nice. >> mint. >> mint. >> mojitos! >> smell this. >> bring it on. >> mint is so great. i go to the lake quite a bit and one thing about mint in
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sicily, they use it in so many dishes, on fish, tomatoes, it brings out the flavor. it's fantastic. when you use it, don't cut it with the knife, tear it so the oils could release and store it in the refrigerator like this in a cup of water. >> love this. >> let everybody out there smell it. >> here, smell it. [ laughter ] >> it's all yours. >> tony tantillo, thanks for joining us. enjoy your weekend with your parents. >> i will. >> welcome home. we'll be right back. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. one british mom admits using it on her eight year old! she tells the lond so how young is too young for botox? why are we even asking this question? but we have to tell you one british mother admits using it on her 8-year-old. she tells the london sun that she wants to make the girl a superstar. so she buys botox online and gives her daughter injections every three months into her forehead, lips and around her eyes. the mother says she is sure her daughter is going to be a model, actress or singer one day. >> ouch. >> botox potentially dangerous, should be only used on adults. >> wonder what the mom looks like. probably like joan rivers. >> i don't know. a chance to strike it very, very rich tonight. just invest a buck. the megamillions jackpot up to, get this, $312 million. the odds of winning this jackpot, though, one in 176
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million. the payout options could be one lump sum of $121 million or $7 million a year for 26 years. >> yeah. but you have to subtract the taxes of course. you know, that could be good for the state of california if someone wins here. about $78 million will go to the feds. >> a nice chunk of change. >> not much of a debt. you will go away with a lot of dough and just buy one ticket. >> got your ticket? >> i have five. [ laughter ] >> i'm ready! >> that's it for the cbs 5 news of noon. our next newscast will be at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5 because of march madness. enjoy the basketball and have a great weekend. caption colorado ,
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